Does my membership benefit Christian Content Producers and Artists?

Yes! A portion of all ad revenue goes to our content providers to help them keep creating great Christian Content for FaithChannel and other distribution channels. Your membership makes a difference!

How do I inquire about getting content I have created on FaithChannel?

FaithChannel is constantly seeking out great new Christian content to make available to our users. Please contact us to submit your request and be sure to send a synopsis or sample link to your content.

How often is content updated?

FaithChannel is continually updating the content we provide. We have several content providers sending daily and weekly updates and we are adding new content providers all the time. Our goal is to provide a vast assortment of ever growing quality Christian content to our subscribers.

If I am having problems viewing content how can I get support?

We are here to help! Please fill out the Help & Support form and we will get someone to help you right away!